Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Truth and Life

"I write to you not because you do not know the truth but because you do, and because every lie is alien to the truth."(1 John 2:18-21) In the birth of the Christ Child Truth has entered the World. In a certain sense one could say that in Christ Jesus, Truth has become flesh. Thus how can we say that we do not know the Truth? If we can come to adore the Baby Jesus away in a manger. If we recognize Jesus as the Son of God and the Son of Mary, our Savior. How can we say that we do not know the Truth? In becoming man, Truth has not only entered the world, but in becoming flesh has opened for us the very possibility of coming to know and live in the Truth. We cannot deny Jesus or His Merciful Love for He is the foundation of our lives. We have been called out of the darkness. In the birth of Jesus the Light has entered the world. That is to say that the Light of the Truth has penetrated the darkness of sin and death so that we no longer have to be bound to the lies that have enslaved us. All sin, all degradation, all abuse, all temptations, all addictions begin and end in a lie. The suffering caused in the aftermath of such violence is perpetuated by judgments based upon lies. Thus we are trapped in our lies and often left in darkness. The Baby Jesus born this day in Bethlehem pierces the darkness because He is the Truth, He is our Life. Just like the Shepherds and the Magi we are drawn to Him. The simple and the wise, the young and the old, we are drawn to the Truth and the Light that radiates from the manger and illumines the whole world. And more than the world, the Light and Truth of the Christ Child illumines our hearts, each and every on of them. Therefore we cannot deny that we know the Truth of our lives because our hearts have been illumined with the Light of Truth. We do know the Truth and we are called to live in Him this Christmas Day. We may struggle with the darkness in our live, but that is no reason to deny the Truth, and He who is our Life. The Lies that tempt us, the lies that we have lived, the lies that embarrass and shame us, the lies that remind us of our wounds, or our failings, or our sins, all these are now foreign and alien to us. In the Birth of Jesus, the Son of God, the Son of Mary, we are free, we can find Peace. We are children of the Light. We are called to live in the Truth of our Father's Loving Mercy, in the Truth of Jesus' Victory over sin and death begun this Glorious Night, the Night of our dear Savior's Birth.

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C.Meli said...

What beautiful and truthful commentary.