Friday, December 19, 2008

O Radix Jesse

O Root of Jesse's stem, you have been raised up as a sign for all peoples; kings stand silent in your presence; the nations bow down in worship before you. Come, let nothing keep you from coming to our aid.
Jesus is a descendant of King David. Jesse was Kind David's father. Jesus is the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords. He fulfills the promise made to David that his descendant would reign forever upon his throne. The Son of God fulfills that promise of mercy to David; in His great mercy He goes beyond His promise ruling the whole world with His strong right arm. All people look to the Christ Child for mercy, for peace. He is the fount of mercy and peace. Many do not understand and many do not know, but Jesus is for whom they look. He is the Root that has sprang up from Jesse's stem to bring mercy and peace to the world. He is the vine, we are the branches; how blessed we are in our dear Savior's birth, that in His love He chose to share our lowly nature. How can we not fall silent before so great a gift. No matter our station in life, no matter our condition, the Christ Child is placed before us as a babe in order to plead for sinners in His lowly manger in Bethlehem. How could such an outpouring of mercy elicit anything but adoration and worship? How can we stand before Mercy Incarnate and refuse to embrace Him? How could we refuse His aid? He comes as a babe that we may not be afraid to embrace Him and cherish Him. The whole world cries out for Him. Our Father has heard the cry of the poor. He has given to us His Only Begotten Son; to reconcile us to Himself and to fulfill the promise He made to David. A promise of Mercy that endures forever! God is Good!

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iknowyahwehsaves said...

Hi, Father Jim!
THANK YOU for these teachings on the "O Antiphons!" They are really helping me to try to start this "New Year of Grace" with Jesus at the center of my heart. I knew they referred to Jesus, but I never really understood them too well before, or knew exactly how to apply them to my life. Now I will!