Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Take My Yoke (Mt11:28-30)

Jesus invites us to learn from Him. In the first reading He reveals that no one is equal to Him. He also reveals that He is mighty and powerful and that he knows each person by name. He knows what we need and He knows what we struggle with in our daily lives. He reveals that He never grows weary and that even though we often question Him about the things that are happening in our life, His knowledge is inscrutable. He tells us that He gives strength to the weak and to the strong He constantly renews their strength. He tells us in the first reading (Is 40:25-31)that those who hope in Him achieve great things and have no fear for He is with them. The invitation is given to us in this context. Jesus does not lay a heavy burden upon us. Instead He asks us if we want to share His. In sharing His burden we will learn from Him. What will we learn? Mercy and Love. Faith and Hope. We will learn to live Through Him, In Him, and With Him for we will share His yoke. Too often we act and live as if Jesus wants to lay a heavy burden upon us when we think we should be doing more or doing better. This is a lie. At those time when we are struggling we forget that we share Jesus' burden. That is the invitation. Our Lord reveals to us today that He will help us in all things, and at all times. He reveals that we are never alone. He reveals His Mercy and Love. During this season of Advent He wants to strengthen our faith and our hope. But all too often we listen to the lie that says He asks too much. The invitation is extended today. Will you take His yoke and learn from Him? Will you acknowledge that He is Gentle and Humble of Heart? Will you ask Him to make your heart like His?

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