Thursday, December 4, 2008

Trust in the Lord Forever (Is 26:1-6)

Forever! Always! At all times! TRUST IN THE LORD! Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega. He is the beginning and the end. Trust in Him Do Not Be Afraid. Isaiah lived in 722 B.C. That is 2722 years ago. Thus for nearly 3 thousand years God has been asking us to TRUST IN HIM! For all your life this is what God is asking of you. That is it. No more and no less. You cannot long for our Lord to come during this Holy Season of Advent, if you are worried, afraid, anxious or scared of what the future will bring. The future brings our Lord. He is the Mercy of God. He is True Peace. Forget your foolish worries and fears. Wait for the Lord with Joyful Hope. TRUST IN THE LORD FOREVER!


Tish said...

So simple, so why so difficult?

jceomi said...

Because we are wounded by life and are often afraid. This is why healing plays such a great role in the life of Jesus. In order to do the simple we must come to Jesus in our weakness. In other words we come to Hime with our wounds. In healing us Jesus makes the weak strong. Then in His Loving Mercy He sustains us.

Tish said...

In order to "come to Jesus in our weakness," then, you are recommending that believers:
"Acknowledge your need for forgiveness. Live holy Sacramental lives. Pray your Rosary and your other prayers. Come to Mass often and go to Confession. Let the Holy Spirit Console you and Comfort you and know that you are loved by Him." That is the demonstration of trust.