Saturday, December 6, 2008

2nd Sunday of Advent

Consolation and comfort is what God our Father wants for each of us today. It is clear that in the first reading that while God allows us to suffer the punishment we deserve, it serves a very clear purpose. That is that it brings us back to him that He may embrace us and protect us. This is so that we can live without fear, safe and secure in our Father’s arms.
St. Peter tells us in the second reading that our Father in Heaven is patient with us. He tells us that this is so even when we think that He is acting too slowly. St. Peter reminds us that while we await the Lord Jesus to come in Glory, we are to live holy and saintly lives.
This Sunday the Great Saint John the Baptist is presented to us for our reflection. He tells us to prepare a way for the Lord. As we enter deeper into the Season of Advent we need to take John the Baptist’s message and example seriously. John the Baptist called people to recognize the truth of their life. He reminded them that they had been living apart from God and that they needed to return to Him. They needed to prepare themselves to receive and live according to the grace that God gives them. Thus there is a need for conversion. As in the first reading, God is ready to console and comfort us but we must recognize our need first. Punishment is a consequence of sin but it is not the end of the story. There is always more with God. That more is God’s Loving Mercy which brings Comfort and Consolation. That is to say the Holy Spirit. You and I are called to open our hearts to this message of John the Baptist. To acknowledge our need for forgiveness by admitting that we have lived our lives apart from God. This is not done in fear of punishment but in the truth of God’s love. We need to live holy and saintly lives like St. Peter tells us. In this we must be patient and recognize that God is in charge. We are not called to be selfish in our lives building our own kingdoms because God acts too slowly. Instead we are called to place all our trust in the Lord. In this we must follow St. John the Baptists example. That is we must be humble. He is a great saint yet he tells the people that Jesus is greater. He knows who he is in God’s eyes and he acts accordingly. You and I are called to do the same. We are called to humbly acknowledge our need for the Lord, for His Mercy and Forgiveness. Then we are called to humbly acknowledge our need for the Lord to help us live holy lives. St. John the Baptist tells us that Jesus will give us the Holy Spirit. Therefore with the Holy Spirit who is our Advocate and Comforter let us follow St. John the Baptists message and example this Advent. Prepare the way of the Lord in humility. Acknowledge your need for forgiveness. Live holy Sacramental lives. Pray your Rosary and your other prayers. Come to Mass often and go to Confession. Let the Holy Spirit Console you and Comfort you and know that you are loved by Him.

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