Wednesday, December 3, 2008

God Provides (Is 25: 6-10 + Mt 15: 29 37)

In the readings today God provides. In the first reading He provides a banquet for His chosen people. In the Gospel Jesus feeds the hungry crowd, His followers. In both readings God chooses to act based upon His Love. In His Love God provides for all people. This is clearly seen in the first reading. In the Gospel it is clearly seen that Jesus calls all people to himself and then provides for them. First their spiritual needs and then their physical needs are met by our Loving Savior. The same is true for us today. We have many needs, and during this Holy Season of Advent we recognize our deepest need that is our longing for God. Often during this hectic time of the year we get things turned around. That is to say that we become distracted by our physical needs and wants. The people in the Gospel were concerned with one thing only. That is they were focused on listening to the words that Jesus spoke. They did so because His Words are Spirit and Life. Then He provided everything else. We are called now to imitate them. To focus on the words that Jesus wants to speak to us today. We are called to admit that longing that is in our heart. To know that Jesus provides first for our spiritual needs and then will take care of all the rest. We must trust this truth especially during Advent; for to trust in this truth we must have great Hope. Advent is the season of hoping and longing for the fulfillment of God's promise. Like our Mother Mary we will be blessed if we believe that the promise given to us in Jesus will be fulfilled. Not only in a generic way but during Advent in a profound and personal way; then we can rejoice in the celebration of our Hopes fulfilment and rest in the fullness of Christ's Peace.

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