Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Jesus Rejoiced (Lk 10:21-24)

In the Holy Spirit giving glory to God the Father, Jesus rejoiced. Jesus reveals His Love, the Love of the Father and of the Holy Spirit to the childlike. This is His cause for Joy. The Most Holy Trinity Loves us. Jesus rejoices in revealing this Love. Jesus rejoices when He reveals this Love to a soul that is childlike. This is because the simple childlike soul is that which can receive and accept the Love of God. The childlike are not afraid to be loved. The childlike acknowledge that deep desire of their hearts, that is to know that they are loved. The desire to know that they are OK, and that they are in Truth lovable. The childlike filled then with love, love. One aspect of this Holy season of Advent is preparing to celebrate the Birth of the Christ Child. In preparing for this it is important to remember that even in His Infancy we are called to Imitate Christ. To be childlike. To admit our total dependence upon God. To admit this need to be loved. To accept the Love with which we are loved, and to love. Love changes everything. The childlike rejoice in Love. We would do well to be mindful of this as we prepare the way of the Lord. Return again to a childlike dependence upon God. Do not be afraid of your need. Then you will be filled with the Merciful Love of the Most Holy Trinity, and find Peace in God's Loving Mercy.

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