Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What Is There About His Word?

This question arises in the hearts of the people in the Gospel after they witness a miracle. Jesus heals a man in public by casting a demon out of him. Just prior to this he had been teaching in the synagogue and the people were astonished at his teaching. Hearing the Lord speak and seeing the miracle caused the people of Capernaum to be filled with wonder and amazement. So much so in fact that they spread news of Jesus everywhere in the surrounding region. Wonder and amazement as well as healing and instruction come to us when Christ is present. And when we are mindful of his presence. From this naturally flows a desire to share with others what we have seen and come to know in our hearts. In other words we naturally become disciples. Now obviously Christ is most especially present to us in the Blessed Sacrament. Therefore it is in Exposition that we can be healed and instructed most easily in a personal and intimate way. However Jesus is also present to us in the great Sacrifice of the Mass and it is in the Mass that we are healed and instructed in a explicit way. Both experiences should draw us into the awe of Jesus' Loving Mercy. Christ is not present only in these ways though. In fact he is also present in our homes when we dedicate them to Him. Especially when they are Consecrated to Him. His presence and His Loving Mercy will naturally then make us disciples. This is so important in our modern world where there are so many voices fighting for our attention. What is it about His Word? He is fully present when He speaks! Thus his Word heals and instructs us because they are Spirit and Life. His Word draws us into the Loving Mercy that is the Divine Life of the Most Holy Trinity. Furthermore His Word sends us out to share the Good News of what we have experienced in our hearts. What a joy our lives can be living in awe at the wonder of God's Love, as we listen to His Word. And all we need to do is to offer our homes to Him, visit him in the Blessed Sacrament and receive Him when we attend Mass. Our Loving savior does the rest.

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