Monday, September 15, 2008

Seek The Smile Of Mary

On this Feast of our Lady of Sorrows anyone who reads this blog should read our Holy Father's homily today from Lourdes France at his final mass before departing. We are blessed with a very holy and fatherly Holy Father in Benedict XVI. Listen to what he says in his homily. I myself had a hard time getting through it because of my tears. You can find it at that is where I read it. Praised Be Jesus Christ and Mary Immaculate!


iknowyahwehsaves said...

Dear Father,
Thank you for telling us about our Holy Father's homily today for Our Lady of Sorrows. It IS very beautiful, inspiring, and very moving. I'm really glad I got to read it!

Also, thank you ESPECIALLY for your homily on Thursday - on forgetting what I think I know, or thinking there is no excuse for me, and abandoning myself to Jesus' Merciful Love. It was like you and He were speaking directly to me and it's helped me SO much.

cwdtbvm said...

Dear Father,
When a person experiences just one of Mary's "smiles", his or her life can change in the most beautifull ways. I know that you, yourself, know just what I am talking about!
I agree that this Holy Father possesses a positively heaven-sent charism for articulating the most essential Truths of our beautiful Catholic faith in a most exquisitely clear voice. No question that the Holy Spirit speaks through him!