Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mind Your Own Business

Clearly today's Gospel could allude to the gift of the Eucharist. The Bread for the journey. The sacred bread that David and his men ate could be seen to prefigure the Eucharist. But it also can be seen to speak of the Sacrament of Confession. The Pharisees in the Gospel are busy pointing out other peoples faults. Ask any priest in the world and they will tell you of the many people who come to confession in order to confess other peoples sins. Usually the sins of family members. When they are told to confess their own sins they are often offended. Do not think you are above this. Many people commit this fault regularly and are not even aware of it. It is called justification. We try to work out with the priest or with God how it was not so bad what we did. Then we talk of circumstances and people as if they make us sin. Do not get me wrong. It is important to recognize the circumstances and occasions in which we commit our sins. But we ought not blame others even if they contributed to our sinful behavior. In Confession we are to confess our own faults not others. When we are busy minding other peoples business we are not growing in holiness ourselves. This desire to justify ourselves is a universal problem. Peoples of all ages, and ethnicity struggle with it. It is in effect a lack of faith and trust in God's Mercy. Jesus did not institute this Sacrament as a means of condemning us. It is meant instead to heal us and strengthen us in His Mercy. But it requires a humility that is painful at times. Do not be afraid. Abandon your justifications and judgements the next time you go to confession and you will experience the Joy of this Sacrament. Then you will seek it out more and more. Without your judgements and justifications you will begin to hear the voice of the Lord speaking to your heart in the confessional. It won't even matter who the priest is who is hearing your confession. You will begin to experience the freedom of true pardon and true peace if you mind your own business.

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suep said...

Fr Jim

I want to thank you for If Not for Mary it has been a huge help.

I truly am blessed for the Sacrament of Confession tohelp rid the sins of my past but also the today questions of why or how but that doesn't seem to matter the why anymore just the process of healing I know it will take time. You suggested that you should be able to go to any priest for confession but today I feel such a loss since the priest that truly came into my life by God has been transfered away its hard for me to wrap my heart around a new one yet any advice would be helpful