Monday, September 8, 2008

The Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The focal point of today's Feast in Christ Jesus. "We have been called by the Son of the Virgin Mary out of the darkness into the joy of eternal light." This light first began to transform the darkness of the world at the birth of Mary. Thus we celebrate this feast to honor with great joy our Mother's Birth. It is our devotion to Mary, our drawing close to her that allows the light of Her Son's Loving Mercy to begin to dawn in the darkness of our lives. And what is the darkness of our lives? For some it is sin. For others it is weakness. For others still it is suffering of many sorts physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual. For many it is the wounds of our lives. This is especially true of those wounds the have been self-inflicted, but even more importantly those that have been inflicted against us. The abuse and molestation that so many have suffered. Celebration and devotion to the Blessed Mother allows the healing we need to begin. It allows Christ's Light to begin to shine in our hearts that we may find peace in the Knowledge of His Loving Mercy. Only a Mother can teach this. Therefore we celebrate our Mother's Birthday with great Joy and confidence the as she brought forth The Sun of Justice to Illumine the world, so she will bring us close to Her Son so that His Loving Mercy may Illumine our hearts and our lives bring us His healing and peace.

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