Saturday, September 13, 2008

Listening To Christ Our Foundation

In the Gospel today Jesus tell us that it is not enough to come to Him with our requests and prayers. We have to actually listen to what he tells us and then act upon what we hear. In other words, His Word is the foundation of all our actions. How often do we repeat the same prayers over and over again waiting for the Lord to act in accord with our desires. We never really listen to His response. In not listening we become spiritually paralyzed and simply remain in our anxiety, or our misery, or our fear, and even in our sin. The foundation of our spiritual life is not doing things for the Lord, nor is it the voluminous repetition of prayers and petitions. Jesus reveals to us today that the foundation of our spiritual life is found in LISTENING to Him and then acting upon what we hear. How often do you listen? Is it only when you hear what you want to hear? If that is the case the house you construct will collapse. So how can one Listen to Jesus? Imitate Mary our Mother. Even in praying the Rosary Mary can teach us to listen to her Son. If we pray calmly the mysteries with Mary she will reveal to us what our Lord is saying to us in each one. Not only that but Mary will show us how to put what we hear into action. With Mary guiding us we will never be paralyzed, and we will not multiply our works and prayers in order to satisfy our own ideals of holiness. Instead we will quietly go about our daily labor pondering in our hearts the greatness of the Lord for looking upon his lowly servants. Like our Mother we will be blessed and secure for the Loving Mercy of Christ her Son will be the firm foundation of our lives.

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