Monday, November 17, 2008

What Do You Want Me To Do For You?(Lk 18: 35-43)

This question is one that all of us long to hear. However it is also one that we have a hard time answering. The blind man in the Gospel responds "Lord, please let me see." But the story is not a story of physical healing. It is a story of discipleship. The man wants to see with the eyes of faith that which he knows to be true in his heart. This is why he cries out for mercy. He wants to follow Christ Jesus. Thus Jesus asks the profound question that so many long to hear, but so few can answer clearly. Often we are so shallow in the way we think about our spiritual lives that we ask only for our immediate wants or desires. Unlike the blind man; we struggle to pray, or better yet to respond to Jesus from the very depths of our hearts. The people in the Gospel tried to tell the blind man to shut up. They did not want Jesus to be bothered. We often imitate these folks. The blind man refuses. He knows that Jesus will have pity upon him and satisfy the deepest desire of his heart. Thus he cries outall the more. Often we think that Jesus does not want to be bothered with us. We do not trust that He will satisfy our deepest desires. As proof we pray shallow self centered prayers and when they are not answered to our satisfaction we claim abandonment. The lesson that the blind man gives to us today is one that all can benefit from. Pray from the very depths of your heart that Jesus' Mercy be poured out upon you this day. Then trust that Jesus has heard you and will satisfy your longing. Then your hope will be fulfilled. Then your prayers will be answered when Jesus asks "what is it you want me to do for you?"

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