Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Feast of Christ The King

Today is the Feast of Christ the King. In our opening prayer we prayed: “Almighty and Merciful God you break the power of evil and make all things new in your Son Jesus Christ the King of the Universe. May all in heaven and earth acclaim your glory and never cease to praise you.” If we believe this prayer to be true then we are being called today not only to honor Christ the King but also to conversion. If we do not open our hearts today to conversion our prayer is useless. In Christ the King the power of evil is broken. In Christ the King all things are made new. Through praising Jesus Christ our Sovereign King we acclaim and glorify our Father in Heaven. However this cannot happen if our own hearts are not open to conversion. Today each one of us is being called to conversion. Today Jesus Christ the King will break the power that evil has in your life. Maybe it is a sin, or a habit, or an addiction. Maybe it is a wound or a memory that keeps you from being free. Maybe it was something you suffered that you are still hurt by. Maybe you have been abused and do not know how much God loves you. Maybe you have a secret that no one knows about but you and it keeps you in fear. Jesus Christ our King will break the power that it has over you today. Our Almighty and Merciful Father wills it. The power of evil will be broken today. Open your hearts and ask the King for mercy. Do not be afraid of this call to conversion. In His Mercy Jesus Christ the King makes all things new. He will renew your life. He will heal you. He will forgive you. He will comfort you. He will give you the gift of Peace. It is not enough to simply honor Christ the King. This is not what He wants today. Today he wants to break the power that evil has in your life. Today he wants to renew your life in His Mercy and Love. That in knowing His Merciful Love we will never cease to praise Him and thus bring others to Him. Our Almighty and Merciful Father, Jesus Christ our King and the Holy Spirit do not want you to pray this prayer today; the Most Holy Trinity wants you to experience and live this prayer.

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iknowyahwehsaves said...

Thank you, Father Jim, for this AWESOME lesson on what celebrating Christ the King should really mean in my life! I had never thought that far about it and I will be re-reading it often to remind myself -especially since it's the PERFECT meditation for preparing for Confession!!!