Monday, November 24, 2008

Lord, This is the people that longs to see your Face

Psalm 24, Basically sums up the whole Christian life. In his letter to the whole Church on the dawn of the Third Millenium Pope John Paul wrote that as Catholics we are called to be holy. He said that this call to holiness was a Universal call to each member of the Church. It was not a call only for a few so called saints who lived 100 or 1000 years ago. In that letter JPII called upon each member of the Church to seek the Face of Christ in their lives. He said that this was the project that the Church should be about for the next 100 years. At times we seek the Suffering Face of Christ and at others the Glorified face of Christ. What ever our situation; whatever we are going through we must allow that longing in our hearts to impact our lives. Deep down all of us long for Christ Jesus, because deep down all of us long for peace. Jesus is True Peace. Acknowledging our longing will set us on the right path. The path that leads us to prayer; especially praying the Rosary in which our Blessed Mother teaches us how to recognize her Son's presence in our daily lives. Acknowledging this longing draws us into the King's presence to make brief or long visits to the Blessed Sacrament, as we sit before the Tabernacle or in Adoration. Acknowledging this longing leads us to a fuller participation in our Sacramental Life. It draws us to Confession and to the Eucharist more often. It opens our hearts to recieve the Grace Jesus desires to give us. It opens our minds to the Peace Jesus desires to give us. It opens our souls to the Healing Jesus longs to give us. If you and I can honestly pray Psalm 24 today, not out of self centered wants but simply desiring to see the face of our Lord Jesus, then we will be open to receive all the gifts he wants to shower down upon us. If we can set ourselves to seeking His Face as JPII calls us to; then we can be holy as he calls us to be. Then we can be Saints.

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