Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Take Care Not To Be Deceived (Lk 21:5-11)

When speaking about the end of time, Jesus admonishes us not to be deceived by those who claim to be Him and go about using His name gathering people to themselves. In every age the Church has believed that it was living in the end times. Even St. Paul thought that Jesus would return soon. Nearly two thousand years later modern Catholics live with that same belief. Certainly here in the United States we have cause to believe this as the Culture of Death grows in power and influence. Jesus also tells us today not to be frightened when we here of wars and revolutions. What then are we to do? Listen to the Church! By that I mean follow the Holy Father and the Magisterium. We as Catholics living in the midst of the Culture of Death must simply remain faithful. In remaining faithful to the Church and the Holy Father as we go about our daily duties, Jesus will call us to act in Truth and Love in order to promote the Culture of Life. That is why we do not run around chasing those who claim that they speak in His name. That is why even as our hearts are filled with sorrow at the violence of the Culture of Death we are not terrified. We have the Church. We have the Sacraments. We have our Blessed Mother and the Rosary. We have Our Holy Father. Thus we are free. Free to be Obedient to our daily labors, and free to do what Jesus asks of us without fear or worry or anxiety. We do not have to chase after visionaries or prophets. We have the Church. We have Christ Jesus' Vicar on earth in our Holy Father Benedict XVI. The Culture of Death will not overcome the Church founded by Jesus on the Rock of St. Peter. We are Christ's Bride and while we may suffer terrible persecutions He will never abandon us. We are to remain faithful for as our Holy Father constantly reminds us God is Love. We do not have to be afraid for as Benedict has reminded us Hope is our Salvation. The Sacraments, the Rosary, and the teaching of the Church is all we need in order to remain faithful and obedient. If we go about our daily labors without fear and without anxiety we will draw others into the light and peace of Christ. Others will begin to wonder why we live in and with such Hope. In obedience we will Evangelize the Culture of Death. In God's Infinite Mercy we can do so simply living our daily life ready to act in Truth and Love when our Merciful Savior calls.

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