Friday, January 13, 2012

The Holy Name of Jesus

At your name they rejoice all the day this line is taken from Psalm 89 in the liturgy today and is worthy of our reflection. The Psalm says that they rejoice all the day at the name of the Lord. It does not mention whether they are having a good day or a bad day, a hard day or an easy day, a stressful day or a relaxing day. At Jesus name they rejoice all day. In some way this is the key to holiness and happiness. This is the key to living a peaceful life. Rejoicing in Jesus name in our hearts and minds and even on our lips all day every day brings us true peace because Jesus then is present to us. He is not a thought or feeling nor an idle word. He is our Lord and He is with us, present to whatever the day is bringing us. Unlike the crowds in the Gospel today we do not have to push to see Him. We do not have to break open the roof to belowered down as the paralytic man was in order to be healed. We can simply rejoice in His Name Jesus each day in our minds and in our hearts and He is present. Emmanuel, God with us. Jesus, God Saves. Rejoice in His Holy Name. The scribes in the Gospel were hurling accusations at Him in their minds and their hearts were turning away from Him until He spoke directly to them demonstrating in this healing that He was Lord and Savior. So He knows our hearts and He knows our minds. He, Jesus, longs to be united with us both in our heart and mind. By rejoicing in His Name each day all day we open ourselves up to living in that Communion.

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