Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Everyone Is Looking For Jesus

Simon and those who were with him pursued him
and on finding him said, "Everyone is looking for you."

How profound are the words that Simon speaks in the Gospel today. In truth they reflect what is in fact the longing of every human person. That being the longing for God, but more importantly and this is reflected in the Gospel, a longing for Jesus. Every heart, every soul, every person who has ever lived longs to know Jesus. "Everyone is looking for you." This is the TRUTH. The truth of this longing really is at the heart of our human experience and existence but for so so many it is overlooked, or ignored or tragically misunderstood. Thus in not acknowledging the longing for Jesus our lives are consumed with emptiness. For most modern men and women if they are asked what are they looking for in life, Jesus would not be their response. Like St. Augustine they look for satisfaction in created things but ignore, overlook, and tragically misunderstand that they Really are looking for the Creator, for God, and most clearly for Jesus. Jesus. The Word made Flesh. God Incarnate. Son of God and Son of Mary. Saviour of all mankind. Many say this is presumptuous of the Church to believe this and even if we believe it we should never come out and speak it. The TRUTH is that when Simon speaks in the Gospel today, he is not only refering to the people in that town, but all humanity."Everyone is looking for you."
In not recognizing this, or in not admitting this many are left wondering what life is all about or why they can never be at peace, or how to simply be each day. In the western world life becomes about the pursuit of goals, every moment is about fufilling responsabilities in order to get things done, that we may be a good: mom, dad, father, mother, daughter, son, student, boss, worker of whatever kind. The goals, responsabilities, and roles constantly change. Nothing in that sort of life remains the same. Their is always something new to try, or to do, or to learn that will tell you what life is all about, to bring you peace,that you can finally be comfortable with yourself. "Everyone is looking for you."
Jesus is the same Yesterday, Today, and Forever!
What then is the remedy to the miserable condition so many experience each day? First is to admit the TRUTH that we are looking for Jesus. He is the answer to the longing we feel deep inside. The second is also found in the Gospel. Simon and those who were with him pursued him. They PURSUED JESUS! They FOUND HIM! They were WITH HIM! Jesus IS our LIFE and our HOPE. In LOVE Jesus teaches us what life is all about. In LOVE Jesus fills us with His PEACE each day as we go about our duties. In LOVE Jesus reveals to each one who we are as beloved sons and daughters of God. Thus we come to understand how to Be Loved.
Today Simon's words express the deepest truth of the human condition, and his example shows us what needs to be done in response. Today we can imitate Simon by simply going to Mass or Adoration to be with Jesus.


LMC said...

Thankyou for the reminder to " admit the TRUTH that we are looking for Jesus." I often have misunderstood my longing for Jesus as a longing for something else. The simple, straightforward message of Christ's love for me and my inherent need for that pure love never fails to comfort my heart and fill it with peace. God is good and greatly to be praised!

iw said...

The truth and light can be right before us and we continually either ignore it or don't recognize it and the longing remains until there is nothing left to do but look to the heavens for love and peace. We hope in honesty and sincerety we recognize truth for what it is--Jesus.
Thanks again for your wisdom.