Saturday, February 23, 2013


Last week in the Gospel we heard the voice of the the Devil say to Jesus "if you are the Son of God...." seeking to tempt Him. This week we hear the voice of God the Father. The voice of the Living God "This is my Chosen Son,Listen to Him" comes forth from the cloud and darkness that are His raiment. Think for a moment about this stark contrast between these two voices. The Devil's voice no matter how strong or forceful or persistant last week is at last weak. Weak in the face of the Truth of the Father's Love. Weak and impotent are the tactics of the Adversary when faced with the power, authority, and force of Love Itself. Rapped in a cloud as with a robe the Father speaks to us. He speaks to us through His only begotten Son robed in flesh our great High Priest. We are to listen to Him. How little do we understand Love. We must begin to listen again to the Lover of our souls. The Adversary is pushy and persistant, demanding an audience, demanding attention but his voice is impotent, his power an illusion. The psalm today tells us the Truth. The Lord is our Refuge. Even amidst the strongest of temtations, and the greatest of trials we need to listen to Jesus who is our light and our salvation. This is the will of our Father, the Living God, the One God who speaks with such great Power and Authority because He speaks in Love. The endless Love He has for you and me His little children.

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