Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Father of Revelation

"How much more will your heavenly Father give good things to those who ask him." We hear these words in the Gospel today Mt7:7-12. It is amazing how our Lord Jesus is constantly revealing the Father and His Love throughout the Gospel. I wonder if we really are listening. Often times those who seek to dismiss religion and Catholicism in particular claim that our God is of our own making. A necissary pacifier for the weak minded. Although this claim is totally absurd, what is true is that we (believers/Catholics)are often caught up in applying to God: motivations, feelings, and thoughts which are simply of our own making. For instance God is punishing me, or God is angry at me, God couldn't really love me, or forgive what I have done. These and many more claims are false, pure and simple. Not only are they false but they are complete and utter lies. Born of doubts, fears, worries and anxieties that quite simply come from the Devil. These thoughts can in fact be sinful. They deny the Truth. They deny the reavealer of the Truth, that is Jesus. They deny the Truth of the Father who is eager to give good things to those who ask of Him. Cultivating these thoughts are an extreme form of self-pity. They are not from the Holy Spirit, and they do not lead to a good examination of conscience, nor to contrition for our sins. Often they are born of false not TRUE Humility. They are Jansenistic and Heretical. They must be renounced, rejected, and rebuked every time they rear their ugly heads. They have no merit and no place among the children of God, the Father who seeks to give good things to those who ask of Him. Listen again to the prayer of Esther in the first reading. Listen again to the Psalm 138 describing the Love god has for His people. See the Father that Jesus reveals and abandon all your worries, ills, shame, guilt, fears, hurts, wounds, sins, weaknesses, your very self to His Loving Mercy. Ask Him for Mercy. Ask Him for strength. Do not be afraid any longer. He is your Father. He knows all about you. He Loves You!

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