Friday, March 1, 2013

Rejecting the Stone

The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone;
by the Lord has this been done, and it is wonderful in our eyes.

The builders reject the stone.  But the Lord takes that rejection and uses it.  Not to His own benefit, but to the benefit of those who rejected Him.  He becomes the cornerstone through his acceptance of the rejection, and his offering of himself.  Indeed this is wonderful to behold.  Wonderful indeed because his salvific action is totally bound to his eternal love for his creation.  His boundless love for us is his love and his alone.  His to give and his to receive.  No merit is involved on our part. None!  It is his love alone.  It is his self donation alone.  It is his victory alone.  It is his place alone.  He is the Cornerstone!  What wonder and awe this truely inspires in the hearts of the faithful.  To see what love God has for us.  That he would totally empty himself out that we may be filled.  That we may be healed.  That we may be forgiven.  That we may have eternal life.  That we may become that living temple of which he is the cornerstone.  We rejected him.  All the while he was choosing to love us to the very end.  To the bitter end for we went far beyond simply rejecting him.  He loved us as we judged him.  He loved us as we beytrayed him.  He loved us as we bound him.  He loved us as we struck him.  He loved us as spat upon him.  He loved us as we whipped him, and kicked him.  He loved us as we pierced him and cursed him.  He loved us as we stripped him and quit him.  He loved us as we nailed him and mocked him.  He loved us as we killed him.  Thus rejected so totally and completely he has become the Cornerstone. What wondrous love is this.  It is wonderful in our eyes how Jesus chose us, loved us, healed us, reconciled us, and freed us.  He is worthy of all praise and adoration.  His mercy is almost unfathomable.  The mystery is too deep to perceive, and even here he has allowed our eyes to see and our ears to hear so that we may no longer disbelieve but believe and share our Father's Joy.      

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LMC said...

So beautifully expressed Fr.!