Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Trouble With Presuming to Know What Jesus is Thinking

In today's Gospel the disciples presume to know what Jesus is thinking. They don't think that he would want to be bothered by the children. They could not have been further off the mark. He desires the children come to him, and tells his followers that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to the childlike. Then he demonstrates very clearly his desire by laying his hands upon the children then proceeded on his way. What is this laying on of hands? It is a blessing for each child. He does not raise his hand in blessing over all the children but places his hand upon each. He personally blesses each and every child then goes on his way. In our spiritual lives so often we presume to know what Jesus is thinking. We think that he does not want to be bothered by us or our concerns. We think that there must be more important things in the world for him to deal with and our wounds and sufferings are petty in comparison. We are certain in our belief that he does not want to be bothered by us because our prayers have not been answered the way we desire. We could not be further off the mark. Jesus wants us to come to him just like the children in today's Gospel. Prayers being answered has nothing to do with this desire. He answers all our prayers but his desire in the Gospel is that we come to him. We are not bothering him. He wants to bless us each individually as he laid his hands upon the children today. This includes hearing all our troubles even the smallest of wounds and bruises to our hearts. Have you never had a child show you where they hurt themselves with a cut or bruise and there is no sign of either. But that was where they were hurt and they wanted to show it to you even though in reality it has already healed. This is a childlike love that is touching in its simplicity. Draw near to Jesus in this way. Bring him every care, concern, and wound. He desires to comfort you in all these things. You are no bother. You are not insignificant nor are your sufferings. Do not worry about how your prayers are being or will be answered. Instead come to Jesus know that he wants to touch you, to lay his healing hand upon you and bless you. Today he leaves the children with his blessing and goes on his way. The comfort of his blessing sustains the children as they live their lives and say their prayers and have joy and sorrow and all the normal ups and downs of daily life and prayer. They know his blessing and that they will be received by him any time they come to be comforted. The Gospel calls us to live in the same knowledge and confidence. To draw near to him in all things and at all times,never presuming to know what he is thinking, is the childlike way he has told us he wants us to come to him that he may comfort and bless us. This is the love that sustains us. we would do well to listen to his words rather than what we think he thinks. Praised be Jesus Christ and Mary Immaculate.

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abononal said...

Dear Father Jim!

What an UNEXPECTED and AWESOME place this website is! WOW!!! - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

To be able to come here EVERYDAY to be FED and to LEARN from all the ANOINTED INSIGHTS that LORD reveals to you in His Word for each of us personally!! I really, REALLY APPRECIATE the GREAT love, time and effort you are putting into doing this for me and everyone who will be BLESSED to come here!!!

This is just simply an AMAZING & ANOINTED source of SPIRITUAL DIRECTION and TEACHING to be able to have that is a PRICELESS Blessing!!!
I KNOW it will be LIFE-CHANGING for me - and I'm 100% SURE for MANY OTHERS, TOO!! (I will definitely be telling EVERYONE I know about it!)

I am putting all of your sermons in a notebook so I can read them anytime, anywhere!! - not only for my daily meditation and prayer, but also to have for things like: instead of reading magazines while in the Doctor's office, for during my lunch at Work, to get a good thought while at a red light... :)

Your thoughts and words ALWAYS make the Father, Jesus and Mary so APPROACHABLE, and their love and compassion for me so REAL, that I ALWAYS end up thinking - "Why didn't I get that out of this Gospel before?" And, I ALWAYS come away with new HOPE, TRUST, and PEACE that I didn't have before! And NOW that I can read them over and over ANYTIME, I know it's going to help A LOT in getting everything to sink in from my head to my HEART - and I'm really excited about THAT!

SO, Father, I just HAVE to pray that Jesus and Mary will BLESS you beyond ALL you can ever expect - in return for the GREAT BLESSING YOU ARE in my life as their fervent, religious, consecrated Priest!!! :)

Praised be Jesus Christ and Mary Immaculate!!!

(I think "If Not for Mary" is a REALLY ANOINTED title - and is a sermon ALL BY ITSELF and HAD to be straight from God!!!)